COVID-19 Protection Measures

Upon the reopening of the facility, the following measures will be in place to protect the well being of the children we serve and our staff.


  • Until further notice, no outside visitors, including family tours or field trips until further notice. Law enforcement officers, DHSS child care licensing staff and sanitation, maintenance personnel, and DSS staff will be the only exceptions.

  • We are asking families to be strategic about drop-off and pick-up; limiting this to one person if possible. Instruct older children to refrain from entering their sibliing’s classroom at dropoff and pickup. To limit exposure, please be sure that your older child is not touching and playing with toys in a classroom that is not theirs. Please hold or restrain younger children when dropping off or picking up older siblings.

  • Staff are required to stay on campus throughout their shift.


  • Parents/guardians are required to wear masks while at the facility dropping off and picking up their child.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be set up in the alcove and front desk for adults to utilize. Hand washing for children will be required upon entry into the classroom. Front desk personnel will clock children in and out daily. We ask that all families complete drop-off by 9:00 am each morning.

  • Limit the number of hours your child/ren are in attendance to less than 9 hours per day.  This will alleviate teachers from working overtime.

  • Please do not visit communal buildings such as grocery stores or gas stations before picking up or dropping off your child at NEEC.

  • The alcove doors, lobby, front desk, bathrooms, and other communal areas of the building will be disinfected often throughout the day.

  • Please update your information at the front desk if anything has changed.

Illness Policy and Practices:

We ask that families take their child’s temperature before coming to the center each day. The teachers will also be taking temperatures with our new infrared forehead thermometers provided by The Family Conservancy, upon entry into the classroom and again in the afternoon.

In addition to our current illness policy, we will continue to enforce the increase from 24 hours to 72 hours symptom free absence. All children and staff will be screened for the following symptoms and entry will be denied for anyone who meets any of the following criteria, so please do not attempt to drop off:

  • A temperature of 100.0 (temperature set by Missouri Department of Health Child Care Regulation).

  • Symptoms of respiratory infection such as cough, shortness of breath, and/or sore throat.

  • Has had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or is under investigation for COVID-19.

  • The small Play Cafe room will be used as an isolation room for ill children so ill children will need to be picked up within 30 minutes of contact.

  • If a child is declined for service or sent home, all siblings will be required to follow the same policy timeline as the ill child.

If COVID-19 is confirmed in a child or staff member:

  • The classroom infected will be closed down for 72 hours. The first 24 hours will allow for respiratory droplets to settle before cleaning. Then, the room will be cleaned and disinfected using CDC’s recommended guidelines.

  • If directly exposed, the children and staff would be required to adhere to the 72 hour symptom free policy.  If no illness symptoms present themselves the classrooms will be reopened..

  • Anyone confirmed positive with COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter NEEC until symptom free for 14 days.  This includes family members picking up and dropping off.


  • NEEC already holds a policy for breakfast brought from home but we want to remind families that if your child brings food prior to 8:00 am, families are responsible for preparing and serving that food.  No food from home is allowed after 8:00am.  It will be disposed of upon completion.

  • All meals and snacks will be served in the classrooms and will not be practicing family style dining until further notice.

Classroom and Playground:

  • All classrooms will refrain from small group sensory play (water table, sand, etc.); offering individual supplies only. The sandbox on the playground will not be permitted for use.

  • NEEC will continue to follow the practice of all mouthed toys being removed once the child is done playing with it and placed in a bucket for cleaning and disinfection.  This is a routine classroom practice.

  • Children will be permitted to utilize the playground for outside play. Staff will be required to sanitize the equipment after each use.

  • Classrooms will continue to clean and sanitized tables, chairs, and toys throughout the day per Missouri licensing and NAEYC standards.

The therapy department (per Missouri First Steps Program requirement), Mental Health Program, and other parts of the building will remain closed until Monday, June 1st.


The COVID-19 outbreak is uncharted waters for everyone. With many people working from home, many schools closed, and a variety of shelter orders in place, families are spending a lot more time confined to their homes. Additionally, many people are being laid off and facing extreme financial hardships. Here is a collection of resources that my be helpful during this difficult times.


At-Home Activities: A series of videos created by Northland Early Education Center showcasing various games, projects and other activities that can be done at home. These videos could inspire ways to keep children stimulated and display affection.

Story Time from Home: A collection of videos of featuring Northland Early Education Center staff members reading children’s books. These videos can be shown to children to help continue their development. Also, it can be useful for enrolled children by showing them videos featuring people they know.


Slow It Down With Sesame Street: A fun game featuring Elmo and friends that can help a child “Slow It Down.” This game includes a variety of “Slow It Down Activities” that can be played online. This activities can be a great resource to help children calm themselves.

Five Helpful Responses For Families: Conscious Discipline put together a helpful list of responses parents can give to help create a sense of safety, connecting, and cultivating a new sense of normal.

Explaining Why Your Child Can’t Go To School: Another resource from Conscious Discipline. This page provides an illustrated slideshow that parents can use to help their children understand why they cannot go to school.

Supporting Children At Home: The Child Mind Institute put together this guide featuring tips on how to nurture and protect children who are stuck at home during this outbreak.

Balancing Working & Learning From Home: It can be difficult balancing working from home, and continuing a child’s education and development. The American Academy of Pediatrics created this resource with a variety of ideas and tips on how to balance the two.


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