COVID-19 Family Resources

The COVID-19 outbreak is uncharted waters for everyone. With many people working from home, many schools closed, and a variety of shelter orders in place, families are spending a lot more time confined to their homes. Additionally, many people are being laid off and facing extreme financial hardships. Here is a collection of resources that my be helpful during this difficult times.

Northland Early Education Center Resources

At-Home Activities: A series of videos created by Northland Early Education Center showcasing various games, projects and other activities that can be done at home. These videos could inspire ways to keep children stimulated and display affection.

Story Time from Home: A collection of videos of featuring Northland Early Education Center staff members reading children’s books. These videos can be shown to children to help continue their development. Also, it can be useful for enrolled children by showing them videos featuring people they know.

Child Based Resources

Slow It Down With Sesame Street: A fun game featuring Elmo and friends that can help a child “Slow It Down.” This game includes a variety of “Slow It Down Activities” that can be played online. This activities can be a great resource to help children calm themselves.

Five Helpful Responses For Families: Conscious Discipline put together a helpful list of responses parents can give to help create a sense of safety, connecting, and cultivating a new sense of normal.

Explaining Why Your Child Can’t Go To School: Another resource from Conscious Discipline. This page provides an illustrated slideshow that parents can use to help their children understand why they cannot go to school.

Supporting Children At Home: The Child Mind Institute put together this guide featuring tips on how to nurture and protect children who are stuck at home during this outbreak.

Balancing Working & Learning From Home: It can be difficult balancing working from home, and continuing a child’s education and development. The American Academy of Pediatrics created this resource with a variety of ideas and tips on how to balance the two.

Additional Resources

Harvesters – The Community Food Network

Clay County Social Services

Platte County Social Services

Missouri Department of Health

Kansas Unemployment

Missouri Unemployment

Federal Unemployment