Lead Teacher Spotlight: Amy Croghan

Inclusion isn’t just part of the job for Amy Croghan. For the Lead Teacher of the Red Room, it’s a passion.

Amy joined the Northland Early Education Center staff in 2006 with a degree in Music Therapy from the University of Kansas. She came on as the Lead Teacher of the Red Room, and has held that position ever since. Amy started at the same time her three-month-old son enrolled. Her son has special needs, and Amy wanted a place that would accept him and give him access to what he needed to develop.

As Amy taught the children in her care, her son was just down the hall learning alongside classmates with typical needs and working with therapists. Amy credits the inclusive classrooms and the collaboration between her son’s teachers and therapists for getting him to where he is today. She appreciated the work being done so much that she would go on to enroll her daughter who has typical needs. The impact her daughter felt was different than her son, but still powerful. Amy said the inclusive classrooms taught her daughter to, “See the person, not the ability.”

Amy doesn’t just reap the benefits of the services, she also helps provide them. In the Red Room, Amy supports her one-year-old students during a time when they are rapidly developing. That rapid development is one of the things she enjoys most about her class. Amy said she enjoys seeing the progress in her student’s motor, language and social skills. Progress that is made by teaching lessons that focus on emotional and social development over academics.

Amy Croghan has been on both sides at Northland Early Education Center, as a parent and a teacher. This insight makes her an amazing resource, and we are lucky to have her.