Northland Early Education Center (NEEC) strives to ensure that all children in the Northland regardless of their developmental level or socioeconomic status have the same opportunities to receive nationally accredited early education and/or therapy services. In order to meet this need NEEC formed a scholarship fund in 2006 for children with special needs whose families were in need of financial assistance. The scholarship fund provides tuition subsidy for children with special needs whose families do not qualify for government assistance yet still cannot financially afford the critical early education and therapeutic invention services their child requires in order to reach their full potential and mainstream into a typical kindergarten classroom. By providing this scholarship opportunity, NEEC’s reaches those families in the Northland who fall into the gap, making just above the level at which their child would otherwise receive government assistance and provides them with high quality early education and/or therapy services, creating a foundation for future learning success.

For information on how to apply for NEEC’s Scholarship, please reference the below guidelines and application or you may contact Brea Connett at 816-420-9005 or via email at

Financial Assistance Application

Income Based Tuition Assistance Eligibility Guidelines

Combined Annual Income: % Tuition Assistance:
$50,000-$59,999 20%
$40,000-$49,999 30%
$31,285-$39,999 40%

*In order to be eligible for Tuition Assistance through the Northland Early Education Center, the following documents must be made available:

  1. Most recent tax form
  2. Last months payroll stubs
  3. Other income verification
  4. Child’s active IFSP