Northland Early Education Center operates under the belief that all children have special needs and special strengths. In the appropriate learning environment all children can learn from their peers, as well as, their teachers.

A child’s classroom is determined according to their chronological age. All children, regardless of their developmental level, can interact through gestures, body language, speaking, sign language and other inventive means of communication. All NEEC classrooms follow a constructivist model of curriculum, in which all children learn through play. Children construct their own knowledge and values as a result of interactions with the physical and social world. Teachers in all of our classrooms write lesson plans that coordinate with the children’s interests and provide materials that challenge every student. There are many designated areas within each active classroom. These areas include mathematics/science, quiet/reading, art, manipulative, blocks, computer and music. All activities throughout the day are designed to initiate the children’s independence and give them a sense of ownership in the classroom.

Additional staff is provided in each classroom to facilitate each child’s development. Staffing levels within the agency exceed state requirements.

Two Year Old Program

NEEC has three classrooms that educate two-year-old children. Teachers in these rooms supervise children by sight and sound at all times. These classrooms can have up to 12 children with a 1:6 teacher-child ratio. Teachers create weekly lesson plans that are fully inclusive for all children.

Two Year Old Classrooms Classrooms

  • Teal Room
  • Brown Room
  • Yellow Room

Three – Five Year Old Program

NEEC operates two classrooms to educate children ages 3-5. Desired staffing ratios for 3-5 year olds is 1 teacher to 7 children. The state required ratio for the same age group is 1 teacher to 10 children.

Three – Five Year Old Classrooms

  • Orange Room
  • Blue Room

Kindergarten Prep Program

Two classrooms serve children who will attend kindergarten in the upcoming school year, typically 5 year olds. The desired ratio in these classrooms are 1 teacher for every 7 children. The state required ratio for the same age group is 1 teacher to 10 children.

  • Silver Room
  • Copper Room