Northland Early Education Center provides early education and therapy services for children who have special needs, as well as early education for children who have typical needs, in a fully inclusive classroom environment in order for them to reach their full potential.


Program Philosophy

All children belong.
All children are treated with respect and as unique individuals.
All children have special needs and special strengths and in an appropriate environment learn from each other as well as from the teaching staff.
A qualified staff and a nurturing environment are critical to a child’s development.
In order to meet the needs of the children, we must also meet the needs of their families.


Shaping the future of children through quality early education and therapeutic intervention while teaching compassion for diversity.

Northland Early Education Center assists children who have typical needs as well as children with special needs, in order for them to learn and develop to their full potential.  We maximize each child’s cognitive, social, communication, and daily living skills to enhance their quality of life.

This support is provided by a dedicated team of staff and board members, who facilitate early intervention therapy and education services, with innovative equipment in an inviting facility.

Leading the way in Early Intervention and Education

Our Commitment to Children and Families

We Commit Ourselves to:

  • Providing a nurturing, stimulating environment for your child
  • Maintaining state licensures, medication certification, NAEYC, CARF accreditation, and participating in the QRS pilot program.
  • Cooperating with you in designing a program to meet your child’s individual needs,
  • Welcoming your involvement in our program, and
  • Respecting your child’s individuality.

Family Commitment to NEEC:

As a NEEC family, your involvement is essential in creating a positive learning environment for all children. Parents must:

  • Communicate daily,
  • Provide any pertinent information regarding your child to his/her teacher as you are the expert on your child needs
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences when scheduled and request additional conferences whenever you desire.

Children’s Rights:

Each child shall be entitled to the following rights, without limitations:

  • To respect and caring
  • To humane care and treatment
  • To a safe and sanitary environment, where weapons, of any kind, are prohibited on the premises of Northland Early Education Center
  • To not participate in non-therapeutic labor
  • To receive prompt evaluation and individualized programming in the least restrictive environment
  • To be treated with dignity as a human being
  • To not be the subject of experimental research, unnecessary drugs, or unnecessary restraint
  • To not be subject to any hazardous treatment
  • To a nourishing, well-balanced and varied diet
  • To be free from verbal, physical, and psychological abuse or neglect
  • To confidential records and information
  • To culturally sensitive interactions
  • To an impartial review of alleged violations of rights
  • To the right of privacy;
  • Freedom from financial or other exploitation, retaliation and humiliation.