Enrollment & Tuition

Enrollment Process

When the Program Director (PD) meets with the family for enrollment, a Family Handbook will be provided. The Family Handbook also states that Health and Safety Policies are available in full upon request. If the family is unable to afford NEEC fees, the PD provides them with information about funding available through the Division of Social Services.

The Program Director will provide the family with a packet of enrollment forms, which includes:

  • Child Enrollment Form
  • Individual Information Sheet
  • Transportation Agreement
  • Attendance Contract
  • Photograph/Print Release Form
  • Parent Policy and Procedure Review
  • Food Program Enrollment Form
  • Food Program Income Eligibility Form
  • Release of Information specific for agencies
  • Birth History
  • Medical Examination Report

Families of infants and toddlers also fill out a form of Special Instructions for Infants and Toddlers.
Families of children with special needs also fill out/make available to NEEC:

  • School District Transportation Form (if applicable)
  • Individualized Child Care Plan (if applicable)
  • Release of Information
  • Doctor’s Prescription for Physical Therapy (if applicable)
  • Current IEP/IFSP
  • Assistive Feeding Instructions (if applicable)

If the IFSP/IEP has not yet been received from the family or Service Coordinator, the Office Manager contacts him/her to request the form—immediately.

Annual Re-Enrollment

Each August, families must attend annual re-enrollment to ensure placement for their child.  A $30 enrollment fee per family is required at this time. They receive the same packet of forms to fill out, and the staff makes a brief presentation on policies and procedures in the Family Handbook, drawing attention to any changes.



Effective January 1, 2020, rates for early care and education services for full-time enrollment are:

  • Birth to 2 years          $250.00/week
  • 2 years-3 years          $220.00/week
  • 3 years-5 years          $205.00/week
  • Before/After program          $140.00/week
    • Enrolled BEFORE only       $ 70.00/week
    • Enrolled AFTER only          $ 70.00/week
  • Before/After – Full Day        $175.00/week
  • Community Inclusion           $175.00/month

Families must remit $50 to register for NEEC’s waiting list. This fee is nonrefundable and covers multiple children from the same family. If the child enrolls within 12 months, the first year’s initial enrollment fee is waived.

A $30.00 non-refundable fee is due at the time of initial enrollment. Every August, each family will pay $30.00 administrative fee to continue enrollment for their child(ren) for the next school year unless the child was enrolled after June 1st of that year. Payment for each child’s tuition is due on Monday of each week. A $20 late fee will be added to accounts not paid by Thursday of that week. Days missed, sick days, holidays and closure due to weather or power/water outages will not be deducted from the tuition as NEEC’s expenses remain constant throughout the year. Children will not be accepted for services if payment is one week overdue. Families incur a $30 charge for any returned checks.

Vacation (Free Day) Policy

Because our costs are the same whether you child attends or is absent, it is our policy to charge families for all absences, with the exception of up to 5 free vacation days a year:

  • Children enrolled full-time as of January 1st receive five full days of vacation time for that calendar year.
  • Children enrolled full-time January 2nd to June 30th receive two full days of vacation time for that calendar year.
  • Children enrolled part-time receive no vacation days.

Eligibility Criteria

Any child, birth to five years of age, is eligible for Northland Early Education Center (NEEC) services, with two exceptions:

  1. NEEC is unable to serve medically fragile children, which includes but is not limited to those on oxygen support, IV administered medications, breathing tubes, heart monitors; those in hospice care, and those who need absolute one-on-one attention. We do not have medical professionals on staff. Information on alternative services is available.
  2. We cannot accept children whose parents are unable to pay our fees, and don’t qualify for full subsidies. Information on subsidies is available.

In the unlikely event that the Program Director decides that the preschool’s services are not a good match for the child, he/she would inform the family and any referral agency involved as to the reasons Northland Early Education Center cannot serve the child, and provide the family with information on alternate resources.

In a waiting list situation, a child with special needs receives preferential enrollment. NEEC also offers preferential enrollment, secondary to children with special needs, for siblings of children currently enrolled. Children of full time employees are third priority for placement. Other enrollment criteria include the date the child was placed on the waiting list, our ability to meet the scheduling needs of the family and our ability to meet the specific needs of the child. The Program Director makes final enrollment decisions.


Nondiscrimination Pledge

The Northland Early Education Center does not discriminate against and will not refuse services on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, or national or ethnic origin.


Terminating Enrollment

Parents may terminate enrollment at any time, but must give two weeks written notice to teachers and administration. Please remember to retrieve all your child’s belongings. Northland Early Education Center will assume that all articles left are donations. Parents must notify NEEC within 24 hours of an absence, or it will be assumed the family no longer desires NEEC services.

Northland Early Education Center may terminate a child’s enrollment under the following conditions:

  • If NEEC proves unable to provide the most appropriate learning environment for your child, or is unable to meet specific needs of your child;
  • If you do not comply with these policies & procedures;
  • If you do not comply with payment policies; or
  • If you do not submit required health information on your child in a timely manner.

After leaving the program, all families will receive a follow-up survey which should be completed and returned as soon as possible. This is a way to improve our agency and the services we provide.