Northland Early Education Center

Job Description

Job Title: Kitchen Assistant

Department: Support

Reports to: Kitchen Manager & Program Director

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt



  • Performs the following tasks to ensure all children receive nutritional meals and snacks in compliance with NAEYC, CARF and all pertinent regulatory agencies by performing the following duties:


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Familiarizes themselves with individual children’s nutritional needs 
  2. Ensures compliance with Missouri’s Department of Health program including the completion of all required paperwork and reports and attendance of all DOH food program trainings
  3. Provides information to facilitate food program billing by the 10th of the following month
  4. Ensures appropriate distribution of snacks and lunches for all children including those with special dietary needs
  5. Assists classroom staff with supervision during emergency evacuations
  6. Performs housekeeping duties as needed to maintain a clean and appealing area for children to eat
  7. Submits shopping list of needed items to administrative personnel
  8. Maintains positive communication with parents regarding all aspects of child’s development, NEEC events, and other important information
  9. Ensures confidentiality of each child served 
  10. Participates in staff meetings and others as directed
  11. Engages in accurate and positive communication with all others (staff, community, families and other providers)
  12. Ensures application of all policies and procedures 
  13. Participates in community events involving NEEC
  14. Ensures the cleanliness or order of commons and kitchen areas to promote a positive environment for all children
  15. Ensures safety of each child while present 
  16. Completes other duties as assigned
  17. Present themselves and NEEC in a positive and professional manner while working and when in the community


Supervisory Responsibilities:

  1. Directly supervises all volunteers working in the commons or kitchen area.
  2. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with NEEC’s policies and procedures and all applicable regulatory bodies
  3. Trains employees and volunteers regarding food service regulations
  4. Assigns and directs work to volunteers



  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Education or experience within the field preferable
  3. Maintain CPR and First Aid certifications


Physical Requirements:

Due to the interactions with young children, lifting food items and supplies, staff must demonstrate the ability to stand, walk, sit, talk and hear. Staff must demonstrate the ability to manipulate small objects, handle objects and feel objects. In addition, food service personnel must be able to lift, move or to transfer children that weigh up to 50 pounds.


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